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Yoga has been around in some form for centuries, and its positive effects
on the body are not just the opinion of a few. Many of the benefits it provides
have been scientifically proven, and there’s simply no way to argue against
the benefits it provides the body and mind.

There are very few limitations to starting yoga. You don’t even need a yoga
mat when first trying it out. Simply pick a basic routine with simple poses and
start striking them.

As you get better, you’ll enter the positive spiral that yoga presents, and you’ll
be able to take on more challenging poses and experience even more benefits.

So check out the following benefits of yoga, and make a commitment to getting started.

Better Sleep 
When you start practicing yoga you’ll be releasing pent up energy that could prevent you from falling asleep, and sleeping soundly once you do get to sleep. Yoga helps relax your nervous system, which is the part of your body responsible for restful sleep or a night of tossing and turning.

The meditative aspect of yoga is apparent here, and if a racing mind is what keeps you from getting to sleep, you may benefit greatly from performing yoga at any point during the day to quiet the mind and free yourself from the constant loop of thoughts that keeps you awake at night.

More Energy
If yoga seems like it would use more energy than it would create, you’re not looking at it in the right light. When first starting out, yoga may seem like a challenge, and you may exert a lot of effort just to hold basic poses.

As you continue on with it, the poses will get easier, and you’ll actually feel more refreshed and exhilarated than when you started. There are certain poses that are meant to help boost your good energy, and help you shrug off negative energy that is trapped in the body.

More Strength
Yoga requires you to get into and hold positions that will naturally strengthen your muscles, using only your bodyweight for resistance. The beauty of yoga is that you can try more advanced poses as your abilities improve and your body gets stronger and lighter. That’s why there’s potentially no better exercise to start off with since you can begin at any level of ability and improve over time.

Benefits of Yoga